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Fear is Not an Option...Maybe? - Bill Kaitz Survives Violent Attack and Beats Cancer

August 25, 2021 Scott Proposki Season 1 Episode 4
Fear is Not an Option...Maybe? - Bill Kaitz Survives Violent Attack and Beats Cancer
3 O'clock Coffee Podcast
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3 O'clock Coffee Podcast
Fear is Not an Option...Maybe? - Bill Kaitz Survives Violent Attack and Beats Cancer
Aug 25, 2021 Season 1 Episode 4
Scott Proposki

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Bill Kaitz survives a random act of violence, a knife attack that almost took his life.  A few years later he learns he has cancer.
Brian is Boston Strong and survives two life-threatening and life changers moments in his life which makes him stronger to build a multi-million dollar business. 

Bill explains that fear is not an option but fear can also make you stronger, Just as it did for him. Learn how Bill's self-talk mindset and his perspective on life is the number one reason he is alive today.

Join Scott Proposki and Bill Kaitz's conversations at the 3 Oclock Coffee Podcast 

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Show Notes Transcript

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Bill Kaitz survives a random act of violence, a knife attack that almost took his life.  A few years later he learns he has cancer.
Brian is Boston Strong and survives two life-threatening and life changers moments in his life which makes him stronger to build a multi-million dollar business. 

Bill explains that fear is not an option but fear can also make you stronger, Just as it did for him. Learn how Bill's self-talk mindset and his perspective on life is the number one reason he is alive today.

Join Scott Proposki and Bill Kaitz's conversations at the 3 Oclock Coffee Podcast 

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SUBSCRIBE: The 3'Oclock Coffee Podcast - COFFEE WITH EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE Do you have a story to share with the world that will inspire others?

If so, we want to talk with you! The 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast is a meeting ground for extortionary people to share meaningful ideas.

Be a guest on our show with host Scott Proposki; visit us at www.the3oclockcoffeepodcast.com

Bill Kaitz  0:08  
Sorry for that.

I've been joking. That's my secretary in the background on every zoom meeting during the pandemic.

Promo  0:17  
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Scott Proposki  0:40  
Well, welcome to another episode of three o'clock coffee in Yes, it is that time for another great cup of coffee but not only a great cup of coffee to meet another extraordinary person. And I'd like to introduce you to build gate. No, Kate, as bill says, Bill used to be a salesperson he used to say my name is Bill Gates. What okay. And I just absolutely love it. How can you not forget Bill's name? Bill, welcome to the show. Thanks, Scott. It's a great to be here. Thanks for having me. Hey, before we start, I'm buying coffee. What kind of coffee would you like?

Bill Kaitz  1:24  
You know, I like just plain old drip coffee with sugar and just let the cream look at the coffee. That's it. Just a dash.

Scott Proposki  1:32  
Hmm. Let the cream look at the concept. No more. I like that. I like that. Well, Bill Meyer from Boston. Bill originally grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts. And I grew up in Lawrence, Massachusetts. And if bill knows Lauren's I'm a tough boy because Lawrence was Lawrence was the place right?

Bill Kaitz  1:54  
Absolutely. I it's been a lot of time there. But the little, probably a little a little bit in the same line of what I grew up in, for sure.

Scott Proposki  2:04  
Yeah, you know, maybe we had friends that grew up with whitey Bolger, too. But that's another story. We'll save that for another podcast. Right. It's a completely different podcast. Yes. Bill like to like to introduce people of how we met. And why why you are such an extraordinary, extraordinary individual. Bill and I met in Arizona, a nice balmy 90 degree day, at least.

Yeah, it was. It was a nice cool evening for Arizona at a Genius Network. I remember correctly right?

To genius Genius Network. But by Joe Polish if you know Joe, Joe polishes Genius Network comm Joe polish is an amazing dude. He connects people with like Richard Branson, and Tony Robbins, and this one and Scott and Bill and we're all like good friends. And that's, that's what Joe Polish does. So when you go to Genius Network, you meet extraordinary people. And I met Bill. So Bill and I are sitting down at the table. And Bill is like, I didn't tell bill. We're gonna talk about a coffee. But this is what we talked about a coffee. We just talk stuff, right. And we were having a cup of coffee. And Bill, I don't think I can describe the story as well as you do. But you're like a cat. You have to like, you have you have nine lives dude. You you like like I was that morning. I was complaining because I don't know my shirt didn't fit well. I'm like, Oh, it's too hot. I'm sweating. And um, you know, I'm like, cranky or something so small. And then I sit down have coffee with you. And you tell me your story. And, again, we just met we're having coffee. You say Hi, my name is Belle. I say Hi, my name is Scott. And then we get into this conversation. Take it away belt.

Bill Kaitz  3:57  
Yeah, I have some very visible scars all over my face and neck and my wife and I just moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2009 and just hanging out at a bar right on a one a trying to get to know people in the environment. I was attacked at random by some, you know, crazy drug addict that wanted to go back to prison and got something in neighborhood like six 700 stitches that came into my life and it was day one I just moved the day before the Fort Lauderdale and I'm coming out of that. With was interesting. I had a business venture that we had just started those reason we moved to Fort Lauderdale it obviously got put on pause while I healed. And by the time I was healed and ready to go, that business venture had that opportunity to pass I had to start a whole new one. Which led me to what I'm doing now but completely, totally random active. Let's but it kind of gave me a new perspective on things. You know, we've literally stared death in the face, you know, kind of turns down the volume on all the all the other noise in life, if you will,

Scott Proposki  5:14  
yeah, all that little stuff that we, we might complain about. When you think of your story you like, wow, I'm just grateful to be here today.

Bill Kaitz  5:23  
super grateful to be here and, and that led these little chains of events have really been really interesting to me because had I gone into that business venture that business venture failed miserably for those involved. And because I found myself stuck in a place that I didn't have any contacts, I took the first step I could find off Craigslist. And that first job, I could find out what Craigslist was a sales job because it's what I knew. And the owner of that company was in a field that I had a lot of experience in, which is what I'm in now helping companies raise capital. So I went to work for the owner of that company, his father is me traveling across the country, which introduced me to some very powerful relationships that I still nurtured to this day. 1213 years later, that set me on the path to success. So if it wasn't for that tragedy, I wouldn't have been forced to, to the path that I've nurtured and really enjoyed since

Scott Proposki  6:21  
you know, I read about that so many times, I'm, I'm into reading, I read read books, really, I'm really intrigued by CEOs and big companies, and try to figure out how they got there. And most I find out was because of a tragedy that changed their lives, that brought them to where they are today. So that's what I, when you told me your story. I'm like, Dude, this guy's got it. My money is on him. My money is on him. And I knew it. And I gave you some suggestions about joining some other programs, because you just had it You were coachable, you were driven. And you were going to make it happen.

Bill Kaitz  7:03  
It was your suggestion that I walked right away from you and join Strategic Coach when you told me your story. And I heard your success and everything that coach has done for you. I ran immediately to the booth and signed up and it's that program changed my life. People like yourself, and share your experiences have helped me it in pulling it back to tragedy. So that business venture was me as a solopreneur as a consultant, and it worked really well. I had a pretty healthy income. But it was in 2016 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma that I then got scared, because I'm the sole breadwinner. I'm the only person I'm the only person that made the bread, right, the head cook and chief bottle washer at my and I'm doing air quotes business. And I realized I didn't have a business, I had a skill I created a job for myself. And in getting through Hodgkin's lymphoma, I'm clear if I can make it to January without a recurrence, then they say it's 99.9% I'll never come back. But that second kind of brush with death, if you will, my two out of my nine lives. kind of taught me or showed me that I really need to take my skill and turn it into a business even though I thought it was never possible. I had this fear and the fear that I had was dancehall would probably call one plus one equals a half is what I was thinking at the time not realizing that if I brought on a team and taught them when I knew that one plus one would actually equal three, which is a Dan Sullivan quote. And so I said on the back porch, I've been cleared from chemo and radiation. And I remember this moment that just kind of like washed over me. And I thought, you know, no matter what happens, I'll be fine. Like, I've picked myself up and dusting myself more times, and I'm counting as long as you're taking an air, you're always going to be okay, we always have this fear of failure or fear of, you know, losing what you currently have. And what the ones that are happening is hanging on to that fear is exactly the one thing that keeps you from getting everything that you want. So just, you know, kind of like when you're diving off a cliff, if you trip, you're going to fall away on the rocks. But if you just kind of take that leap out there in freefall, you know you're gonna land safely in the water, and that that moment I still hang on to it. It sticks with me, it's it was a strong feeling of just saying there's really no way to fail if you just commit to doing it, and you let go the fear. Yeah, you know, I

Scott Proposki  9:34  
love metaphors and I know use that as a metaphor for fear. And it's a great metaphor. And you're absolutely right, is most people are afraid to change jobs because they don't know what's gonna happen. Will that be worse than what I have? Maybe I should just stay here and it's that fear. And so many people live in fear. Not as they're scared and they're shaken, but in their minds. That's, that's the great thing about when I, when I started to meet people at three o'clock coffee, you know, back in the old days, you know, 13 months ago. Back in the old days, when we didn't have virtual and we I didn't jump on a plane to meet somebody for three o'clock coffee, which I really do enjoy, and I still enjoy today. But I would meet people that would give me that one thing, that one thing and right now I'm hearing from you is fear is not an option.

Bill Kaitz  10:38  
I think that would that would be that would be true. That's that's how I've looked at everything recently. And fear isn't necessarily an option, we should always be a little afraid. And I think, I think paralyzing fear is not an option. I think if you're not a little scared in business ever, then you're not your future has to scare you a little bit, right? I think

Scott Proposki  11:02  
I agreed the grid, he's just gonna go live a bit of a comfort zone you like. But that's the adrenaline that we love. That's part of being an entrepreneur, because we don't like stagnant. We don't like the same thing every day. We are individuals that creativity doesn't happen between the hours of nine and five.

Bill Kaitz  11:24  
Yeah, we don't keep hours. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I think fear, I think fear that keeps you from forward progress is what we need to avoid, I think, in any stage of my life. And I think this is what brought us or got me invited onto the podcast was that that concept, Dan talks about the gap in the game, and when you wind up in the gap, and I guess it might be a little bit above a lot of people's experience on this thing. But when you wind up in a situation where you're unhappy with your progress, and you feel like you're stagnant because you're chasing a horizon

Scott Proposki  12:00  
that you can never get to, you can ever get to the horizon. We see it. I see it,

Bill Kaitz  12:05  
I was wanting to welcome. Yeah, you can. Yeah, you can never get Yep. Whenever I fall into those into those solid moments where you feel, you know, like this isn't working, or you feel down on it, or you're afraid that this isn't going to work. You know, I always embrace those moments, I let myself feel it. I work through it. And then I look back on it. And I realize coming out of it that this is this is the moment right before greatness. Right? Before you figure out the solution. You can't. You can't run through life thinking that you're magically gonna have all the answers at the right times, you're going to ride that emotional roller coaster and you're going to feel fear and you're going to feel angry, you're gonna feel upset, you're gonna feel joy, you're gonna feel all of it. But if you if you let yourself feel it, and you realize that this is one step forward in the right direction, anytime that I've felt like I'm not making any progress, I realize it's because I'm getting ready to break through another ceiling.

Scott Proposki  13:03  
Oh, yeah, I totally agree with that, in for the listeners, if you actually rewind that, and listen to what Bill just said, it's so relevant. It's incredible how relevant that really is. And it's this ceiling of busting through and getting to the next level. It's just a I'm a visual guy. So I can actually visually see me going like, through the white ceiling above the roof and just, you know, going right above it. So hey, would you think I know I love Joe polish. I love Genius Network. I learned something that I didn't expect to learn when I was at Genius Network. And when I talk to somebody like yourself, people talk to somebody like me, we are very grateful. We realize that, you know, I have this quote, the harder I work, the luckier I get. Right? The hot, the harder I work, the luckier I get. And when we were at Genius Network, we were with 1000 people more, right? And we're not mentioning names, but we are with some rock star superstar CEOs of companies that if you were listened to we were probably with those CEOs. And what I found out is that when you listen to some of these CEOs, they were miserable. Maybe not today, but at some point in their life. They were miserable. Some tried to commit suicide. Some are, you know, there were addicts. They had four wives, kids they didn't talk to and now they're very excited. What people would call extremely successful in business of launching, you know, half a billion dollar literally a billion dollar business in there on stage Shane, I tried to commit suicide. I've had a degree Problem. I've had this that's, that's called, that's called post pandemic and pre pandemic, like, at one time, that would be like, Dude, what are you doing? You're at home. And now it's like, yeah, of course you're at home. It's called the pandemic, and I have dogs. So that's where we're all kind of used to it. Now it's set the stone like, it's normal. Now, that's normal.

Not to switch the subjects here. But you know, many years ago, I'd be on the phone with HBO, or timing. And I was working on in my home, or maybe my garage at the point in Might, my dog would bark. And I'd be like, oh, and I'd say, Oh, I'm just working from home today. You know, like, I was embarrassed about it, right. And today, it's like, of course, we're working from home. Anyways, going back to CEOs and people not feeling great and positive. And but they came through it. It, here's the one thing that I learned. They were a little bit harsh. I said, legacy CEOs, I don't want to say older legacy CEOs were at the time, they didn't have mentors, business coach programs, Genius Network, Dan Sullivan's to call of the world to keep our mind focused, and, you know, have gratitude and be grateful for what we have. And you go back 2530 years ago, they struggle with that, and they couldn't, they couldn't talk to anybody. And even talking to a therapist was like, you know, taboo, like you didn't tell anybody, and they CEOs couldn't talk to the employees. But we call now team members because that would be like the boss, it couldn't talk. And what we're going to see over the years is these mentors, these coaches, people like you coming out, that are grateful, that see life in a different point of view, that I really successful and really happy to be in living in the now.

You know, what got me at that Genius Network annual event. And there was a concept written about by Napoleon Hill in a book, he wrote about persuasion. He tells a story about how his son was born deaf and he noticed him clamping down on on the on the devil, gramophones because you can feel the vibrations and then communicate. But what he learned from this is that through this experience of talking to his son by speaking at the base of the skull and feeling vibrations, and a number of nonverbal communications, that brainwaves transmit over the ether, the same way that radio waves or, you know, internet or communications, satellites can communicate through the ether. And when you sit in that room of all these people who have overcome their own tragedies who've overcome their own fears, who have accomplished so much, and shared so much, it was the energy in that room that got me that kept me going back to geniuses that I kind of, do not the woowoo energy that that I'm talking about. But just when you are in a room full of like minded individuals that are willing to share their experiences just for the sake of being able to help without without having a handout in the process, just me and you talking over coffee, a Genius Network in the morning, sharing our experiences our life, and just any advice you could give me because I was just exacerbated a turn to turn my skill into a business and you said, Well, I got just the thing for you. Here it is, it worked for me put, you know, go do this, with nothing when no ask in return. And I think that that's one of the huge benefits of the communication age that we live in is what we're doing right now. Remote, because we can't be in person yet. But you know, as we continue to communicate, and we're willing to share, and we realize we live in a land of abundance and not scarcity, meaning you can have and I can have. And the more that we share with each other, the easier life will become for all, I think that's you know, learning from the experiences of those people, you're talking about the legacy entrepreneurs that didn't have you and I have that that morning coffee of Genius Network that's followed us for a few years.

Yeah. And I mean that. I mean, that was a positive thing that I learned in Genius Network, and I'm grateful for. Joe actually called me up and said, Scott, you are coming to this program. Right. And, of course, Joe and Buddy, I did have to write a check for 10 grand, but I did go Thanks for calling me Joe. You know you Hell of a sales guy. He goes, Hey, if you're not gonna go forget it Don't go, you know, no, no, no Joe, Joe, Joe, I'll go, I'll be there. I'll be there. Seriously, that's how it went. But he showed me the importance of coaching. He showed me the importance of networking with people like you that I didn't see. And maybe other people got something else out of Genius Network. But that hit home for me. And that we need to communicate, we need to be open we do. Obviously we have, we have internet and people communicate. But people communicate blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, because they're great. And they're this and then whatever. But when you're really grateful and and honest and sincere, in want to help and want to communicate, like you and I, there's no there's no strategy. There's no sales pitch. I'm not selling you anything. You're not selling me anything. I just want to help.

Bill Kaitz  20:53  
Yeah, me too. It's it's, it's what do you call it that somebody who's just compelled to do it just feels right? When you meet somebody goods, you want to, you know, when I take a bite of something delicious, I always want my wife to try or anybody at my table here, man, you got to try this dessert. You gotta try this thing. It's aliens any different than that natural inclination to say, Wow, this really worked for me like you did with Coach or or, you know, when we talk about our issues, either on Facebook or on a call. Like, if I have a solution to anybody's problem, I'm happy to share it freely. And there's no such thing as competition in my world. In my in my personal world, right.

Scott Proposki  21:35  
Yeah, I had a mentor used to tell me Our only competition is ourselves. Our only competition is ourselves. I'm like, Wow, that's great. Hey, by the way, um, what's your favorite coffee mug? Everybody has a favorite coffee book. And when I started three o'clock coffee going around, talk to people. Something like another thing I didn't. I just I have a common denominator that everybody has the personal coffee mug? I'm just gonna guess I don't know. But, Bill, do you have a favorite coffee mug?

Bill Kaitz  22:11  
I do have a favorite coffee mug. It was a gift from my wife. Hi, everybody. I guess you're right. I knew it. I knew it. My wife got me a coffee mug many years ago, I still have it to this day. And it's a picture of like a 1950s housewife and says Little Miss fucking sunshine. Because I'm pretty, pretty sociable in the morning. If you get it. Get what I mean.

Scott Proposki  22:40  
So every morning when you get up, you grab your coffee, you get that mug and you probably chuckle and have a smile. Right? That's right.

Bill Kaitz  22:49  
Yeah, it gives me a little chocolate and reminds me maybe not to be a little miss fucking sunshine in the morning.

Scott Proposki  22:53  
So your wife is brilliant. I haven't met her but I love her already. Because whatever it takes, if that's what it takes to get a smile and say, You know what? I have a good cup of coffee. My favorite mug? That's exactly right. I love it. I love it. I listen back in the other podcast. I've had some I had some amazing stories about some of the bugs. But I find that really fascinating. I really do.

Bill Kaitz  23:22  
I love hearing I love hearing some of your stories on where these mugs have come from and the origins behind them and it is important I think to start your day off with a with a nice shuffle or sentimental memories. I think that's why everybody has a coffee. I mentioned it to see how many other stories you can generate from this and I don't know maybe maybe it'll be my next book. Who knows right? Like a Cramer coffee table book from science.

Scott Proposki  23:46  
Yeah. Oh my gosh. That's how I got this whole this whole coffee three o'clock coffee was like a Seinfeld episode. You know? Hey, what do you what are you talking about? Oh, come on. Jerry. Let's go for coffee. Are you buying I bought yesterday. That's my Seinfeld invitation. Right though. Everybody says Scott, you sound like Seinfeld? Um, talk to me about business. What's the one thing that if you you got got a million people listen to you right now you're on stage 1 million people. What's the one thing you would tell them?

Bill Kaitz  24:23  
I would always say value over profit. Regardless all your businesses if you focus on providing value over making a profit view the profit will follow. First focus on providing value and the profit so for money guy, don't focus on the money. Focus on the value that's right. For one have a nail if you if you want to look that up. It's entirely too long to use in this podcast but for one have a nail and that's how I go my business that's a referral only business It's it's eight figures, and we've focused predominantly on providing value and the profits Well,

Scott Proposki  25:06  
it's so true. But even even my, in my early days, my dad would always say, Scott whenever I needed money, and I need a new pair of shoes, or haircut, and I need that extra 25 bucks, the phone would ring. And there was my 25 bucks. Like, little change a little bit today, dad, but I get the point. I appreciate it. But it's true. It's so true. It's so true. You don't I was looking, you know, we both follow each other on Facebook, ever since we met. And you know, when you look at your Facebook page, and I'm just people project and we'll just pause for one second here. Let me let me let the puppy out. One second newars we will obviously have to edit that out. Now you good. Um, so we've been friends on Facebook since the day we've not. I don't go on Facebook, that often looking at other people's stuff. And if I do post something, it's it's something to be positive or inspiring them some words. That's just me. That's what I do. But I happen to be, you know, snooping on your page. And we talk about what people, people only post what they want other people to see. To project that there's somebody there not. In some cases, you're completely the opposite. When you look at your Facebook page, you would think that you were just released from the penitentiary, you would think that you were like on the motorcycle gangster gang. You wouldn't have no idea the success and the the size of your company by looking at your Facebook page. I appreciate the photos.

Bill Kaitz  27:17  
Thank you. I appreciate that. I love that I love come from humble beginnings. You know, my father was you know, my father, still a biker, we ride in the same Motorcycle Club. I've fought for motorcycle rights. In my spare time. For the last six or seven years, we've got the laws passed to benefit motorcycle owners, motorcyclists. And you know, I don't like to flaunt success. And I think that those the most successful people I've met are more about the connection than the the tropics. And in the trappings aren't what make anybody in my opinion. It's it's what can you give to the world? And, you know, a picture of somebody leaning on a Ferrari, if that's what makes them happy, then that's what makes them happy. But if, you know, I look at social media the same way if you were hanging out in the bar, what would I say to you? What would I say to friends? What would I comment on? I mean, if we're hanging out on a beach, I'm not showing you pictures of my new Ferrari, we're talking about life, we're sharing ideas, and we're riffing on on things that matter. So I, I post things that that happen in my life that are positive that have an event have a benefit to somebody besides myself, whether it's pictures of my kids or stories like that, but yeah, I think between the the scars and the and the motorcycle, I do probably look like I just got out of the penitentiary

Scott Proposki  28:45  
just for the visual for the people listening. But you're genuine, like you are who you are. And you're not you know, like a lot of politicians, right? The politicians will act and say one thing, but when they go home, they're completely somebody else. And you're just everybody, everybody's you know,

Bill Kaitz  29:14  
happiness isn't a destination. It's it's just a state of being so you're either happy with who you are, and everything else just amplifies it, or you're in a constant pursuit that you'll never reach. It's not attainable. So I found a way that I'm happy and being and despite success, I try to stay the same. Because it's where I'm happy.

Scott Proposki  29:34  
Do you feel like it's a success? You know, for you, for me for somebody else is is different for everybody. Right? But for you in your world do you find success more accessible for you because you don't have other things bringing you down that takes up your brain power like what is other people going to thank Oh, what about this? What about that, that just suck up energy out of your mind. And you take you now have more mind power to do more good things to produce more. Would you agree?

Bill Kaitz  30:10  
I would agree. Absolutely. I mean, we're not nobody Steve Jobs. But when I heard stories about people removing decision fatigue from their life, be it Steve Jobs wearing a black turtleneck and jeans every day. Or another successful entrepreneur eating the exact same meals every single day, the less you think about the more, the less you worry about, the less you have to consider. The more time that you have the more mental energy that you have to spend on the things that you love. For me, it's my my wife and kids and my loved ones. So you know, by by delegating my schedule by delegating my books by delegating pretty much everything and putting things out of my mind and just being happy with who I am and not worrying about what people think about me then. Then Yeah, when I'm when I'm present for my family, which is what's important to me, then, that I'm truly present, because I'm not distracted by anything insignificant.

Scott Proposki  31:01  
Yeah, I recently I came up with my own terminology, somebody else probably said it, some Herbie already tried to teach me this, but I call it living in the now. living in the now, like, right now, I'm with you. I'm living in the now, you might have heard some beeps and emails in the background, but I'm not checking them. I got my earphones on. You and I were in a cafe. But we're also looking each other over a virtual ritual monitor here. But being in the now and I think about anything else is so important. In so many people get distracted on this. And that's unless they never accomplish anything. They go home and go, what I do today, I don't know what he did.

Bill Kaitz  31:54  
If you're an avid reader, I'm not sure if you've ever I'm sure you've read it or at least come across it. But the best introduction to that concept for me was a book by Technion called the miracle of mindfulness. Yeah, yeah, great book, all the labor the the audience with, with the story. But, you know, in essence, if you're, if you're sitting down eating a tangerine, and you you're not focused at all on the taste of the flavor, but you're just talking and talking about the future and everything else. If you can't eat a single slice of tangerine, you'll never be able to hold tangerine. But if you just focus on what you're doing right now, and you're like you said live in the now then then you can truly live.

Scott Proposki  32:30  
Yeah. Yo, I just learned it. Literally, I just learned it. I'm not gonna say that I basically just learned it. And it was an aha moment. And I get living in the present a little bit of buzzwords, but living in the now for me, it seems. So it was like, my word of the year last year, I think was the vibe. Yeah, that's the vibe that I feel right. The vibe I feel with people I know, or do you just the vibe. And now it's the now living in the now. That's awesome.

That's a that's like a, that's like a transcendent moment. Right. I mean, that's, that's pretty amazing that you've that you've come to that. I mean, you know, colors will be more brighter. I think.

I think a lot of people are going to figure this out because a lot of people lost some business during the pandemic of of 2020 2021. And, but they're okay. Like what you said, I mean, you've been through some tragedies, but you're okay. Yeah. As long as you're taking in breath, you're okay. And you'll survive. We'll take it in air. We're taking a breath. Okay. And we've all went so fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, that a lot of people are now saying, What am I doing? Why am I moving so fast? Let me just try now. Why worry about next month or next quarter or next year? I mean, we all have to plan ahead. Don't get me wrong. But psychologically enjoying the moment of your life. It could change again. We could have the Coronavirus 2020 I don't know you don't know we don't know. So you can plan and I'm also planning I got to 25 year plans I didn't Solomon says I stick to it. And and I believe in it. But you got to limit it. Now. In order for you to get to the 2025 year plan.

You can drive yourself crazy. It's the same concept. I heard Dean Jackson talk about it you should invite him on is to have the This one conversation

Bill Kaitz  35:01  
but we were at the same table Genius Network by the way.

Scott Proposki  35:05  
He's great guy. Yeah, he's great at what he said, every every, every entrepreneur we meet always says or starts out at least maybe not now, but they started out at least saying, I'll be successful when and if you have that list in your head, then what's the what's stopping you from living that way now, if you have success to you is, is being able to take a nap in the afternoon or have success to you as being able to be home every night for dinner with your family, then, then what's stopping you from doing that now because tomorrow is not promised. And and you need to make time for that. And that's what put gas well puts gas back in your tank. And in a car on E as we've learned on the East Coast here recently with the pipeline doesn't go anywhere. So if you're waiting, if there's some measure of success, or you say, I'll be successful, when there's no reason to start, there's no reason not to start up today.

Bill Kaitz  35:54  
Yeah, that's great. I don't know if you remember one of the programs for the listeners. In our coaching program, every quarter, we have a different concept. And one of the concepts was hero, the subject of who's around how to be a hero, right? Where you going to be a hero to. And Chris, we are on a virtual cafe. But I see Rothfuss and I can't help but notice Superman on the shelf behind you. Is Superman, your hero, like what Dan Sullivan was trying to coaches. Talk to me about

Scott Proposki  36:41  
well, that particular Superman, because you've already mentioned Seinfeld is the same Superman, that same Superman model that was in most episodes of Seinfeld. And it's, it's it's both a nod to like minded individuals on zoom that that understand what that exactly is like, hey, that's from from Seinfeld. But it also reminds me to always be a kid. And that's sometimes you have responsibility. So it does a few things. But yeah, that's also you know, try to be a hero every single day. What's your kryptonite then? Um, my kryptonite is as I try to do too much. So I don't have annual like this. I always have to remind myself to be focused,

Bill Kaitz  37:35  
be be focused, hmm. Kind of a book that's coming out really soon. And by the way, thank you for the pre order on that. I saw your name list. I appreciate it. Absolutely. The focus, which was right and wait to read it. Yet some good stuff on we just had some more materials who are done podcasts. But some news came out in National Geographic today. And in fact, this is unplanned for but I will read it today in the news and National Geographic. They have a whole article about Angelica julene who is promoted woman to be beekeepers. And how much the bees lips, how much the bees how much the bees are important to the Food and Agriculture of the world organization. And they have amazing photographs of some bees because National Geographic on that is in today's news. Angelina Jolie, he praises bees in female beekeepers as the environmental guardians. I mean really cool photo. It's angelic. Well, these honeybees all over all over body that's really cool photo by the way, but unplanned for but we're seeing more and more about save the world. Be a beekeeper we need bees in the world.

Scott Proposki  39:04  
So that's pretty cool. That is very cool. Well, time to since your since your book should be out relatively soon. Right? ready soon.

Bill Kaitz  39:13  
Ruby soon maybe in looking at a July 1 launch. So. So hey, Bill, I just want to say thanks for meeting me for coffee.

Scott Proposki  39:25  
Thanks for inviting me for coffee, Scott. I'll never turn down an invitation for three o'clock coffee.

And next time bill can you actually bring your favorite coffee mug with you? So that you can share this mug with me I can maybe take a photo of it and share it with other people. I'd be happy to bring it with me everywhere I go. Thanks Phil. Phil, you are amazing individual. You you inspired me from day one. And what inspired me more was seeing you on Facebook being She's been you said, thanks for that. I learned something for that. Just be you. Thanks, Scott. Yeah, I

Bill Kaitz  40:10  
appreciate that. We're we're definitely kindred spirits in that way. You were always very open with me from day one. And I'm happy that I can reciprocate.

Scott Proposki  40:18  
Yeah, maybe it's me you know, maybe someday you'll I know you're not living in Boston today but come on down to Boston. We'll grab we'll grab a beer together. We'll get on the Paki get a six pack. What do you say, you know, maybe good on the north end. I'd love to go the north end. Be a wicked good time. That was a true boss. He'd be a wicked good time. That was truly a exaggerated Boston accent. To me, not everybody else. But to me. That was my exaggerated Boston accent and everybody loves a little fun, a little accent and, and I think that's why we do so well in life. Which is have fun. We're good. Like you said, don't take life too seriously. I'll never get out of life. There you go. Thanks, Bill. Hey, enjoy the rest of your afternoon. Enjoy your weekend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Likewise, Scott. Thank you, sir.

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