The 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast

Football Edition - Scaling Business Play by Play and Make Money

January 19, 2023 Scott Proposki Season 2 Episode 10
The 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast
Football Edition - Scaling Business Play by Play and Make Money
Show Notes

Scaling Business Play-by-Play Football Edition Paperback 

by Greg Waidmann  (Author)

"It's not what you sell, but how you sell it." - Greg Waidnann

Todays Episode
Scott Proposki arrived at 3 O'clock Coffee Cafe early, eager to learn from the celebrated football enthusiast and master of business success - Greg Waidmann. Scott had been a fan for years and was excited to pick his brain about growth strategies.

As he waited, Scott looked around the cafe, taking in all its details. It was an inviting space with exposed brick walls and comfortable chairs that invited conversation. He noticed an old man sipping coffee in one corner and two students huddled together over books in another corner.

The clock struck three o’clock and suddenly, the door opened, revealing Greg Waidmann confidently entering the room like a celebrity arriving at a movie premiere. All eyes were on him as he approached Scott's table with a big grin on his face while shaking hands with both enthusiasm and finesse before sitting down across from him.

Greg started right away, sharing his personal story that led him to success and valuable lessons learned along the way—all peppered with anecdotes about life between wins on the field or deals made behind closed doors that kept everyone engaged throughout their conversation.

At first glance, it seemed like they were discussing business. Still, diving deeper into each topic, they discovered shared values which further strengthened their connection beyond just talking shop — making this episode truly special!  By 4:00 pm when it came time to say goodbye, neither felt ready yet wanted to respect the other's schedule so they ended their session having made plans for more conversations soon enough, leaving both feelings inspired after such an engaging chat full of insight-filled gems!

About the Guest Author
Business Play-by-Play Football Edition 

Greg Waidmann is an incredible leader with a stunning list of accomplishments. His amazing knack for motivating and mentoring.  

If you want top strategies that'll get you ahead in life, look no further than Greg's work; it might just be the bedrock your future skills are built upon!

Sports-Inspired Metaphors
Read his books for the inside scoop on clever business tactics and insightful writing. He offers a new way of looking at things, breaking down complex topics into sports-inspired metaphors, making them easier to digest!

Greg Waidmann
ScalePro.Biz LLC
Business Owner
Author/ Consultant

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